in Austin

Austin Drug Abuse
Travis County, home to the city of Austin, experienced over 2,500 people being admitted for substance abuse treatment in 2002. Of those admitted, the nearly half were admitted for alcohol abuse, and the other half was admitted for other types of drugs. For every drug except those classified as “downers” and “other opiates” males dominated the population. Interestingly enough, more than 75% of patients were not married and had were not employed.

Substance-Related Arrests
While most of the residents in Austin do not abuse drugs, there are still a large number of people who do abuse them, as shown above. However, the statistics above only include those admitted for treatment and does not fully paint the picture of drug abuse in Austin. Taking a look at the number of substance-related arrests, for example, one can see another side of the drug world. In 2004, there were 3,681 drug possession arrests and 412 drug trafficking arrests. This includes all illegal hard drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and club drugs (ecstasy).

Heroin Abuse
Unfortunately, heroin is common on the streets on Austin. In 2002, for instance, the number of people admitted for marijuana abuse was only 2/3 that of the number of people admitted for heroin. The May 2007 edition of the Drug Policy Information Clearinghouse released by the Office of National Drug Control Policy stated about heroin:

In Austin, shooting galleries in the Montopolis area are reported to have disappeared as long-term users have either died, are in prison or have moved out of the area to avoid harassment from the police. Despite this, heroin is plentiful in the Montopolis area and three to four balloons of good quality heroin sell for $25 or less. Additional intelligence indicates that both black tar and Mexican brown heroin sell for $1,400­ $1,600/ounce in Austin.

While heroin is mostly injected into the body through needles, in the past year there has been an increase in the amount of heroin that is being snorted in powder form. The younger demographic is the cause of the snorting because they think they will not become addicted, but this a false belief and they eventually end up abusing the drug.

Increasing Statistics of Prescription Drug Abuse

In order to survive in this competitive world, frustration, depression and anxiety seems to be ruling our world at every step. To escape from all these troubles, drugs seem to be the most potent medium. Besides the illegal drugs, the prescription drug abuse also leads to a certain kind of addiction. It includes the use of sedatives, mood stabilizers and pain killers used by the victim against the prescription of the doctor ‘dosage. It has been found that a taking the drugs frequently leads to certain kind of addiction. Hence it is a kind of self medication, where the victim takes the drugs without even taking permission from the doctor. It has been found that the statistics of the prescription abuse is increasing day by day. Anti depressants and painkillers are the most frequently abused drugs.

Like many other drugs, prescription drug abuse also creates certain cravings within the individual. As a result, the person cannot resist himself from taking the drugs. He develops an insatiable craving, which becomes so much strong that he has to take one dose everyday at least. It has been found that teenagers are the worst victims of drug and alcohol abuse. Oxycodon and Vicodin are two of the most frequently abused drugs among the teenagers. They get abused to the drugs mainly at the social gatherings or at the parties. In the beginning they take the drugs just out of curiosity to find out what are the reasons for it. But gradually they develop the habit of taking it and finally this turns into an addiction process. So what was earlier a physical craving slowly becomes a psychological craving gradually.

The path to prescription drug abuse begins with experimentation. Though the reasons for drug abuse vary from person to person, yet some of the most common ones are genetics and the influence of social environment, any traumatic event in the childhood, abuse or neglect by the family members, early usage of drugs and also mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Though the symptoms vary from person to person, yet the effects of drug abuse remain almost the same. If the drugs start controlling your life, the more you are moving forward from abuse to drug addiction. This will create a negative impact on the social and the economic life of an individual. If you are on a dangerous path of drug abuse, it is always better to seek medical help as soon as possible.

One of the most dangerous effects of the prescription drug abuse is denial of the use of substances. Though the causes of drug abuse may vary from person to person, yet the mind will always try to rationalize it every time there occurs a severe urge within the body. You may underestimate the amount of drugs that you are taking, but this may create a serious impact on the life.

An Aspect of Drug Abuse and Addiction Which You Might Not Know About

Why is it that we are sitting with such a problem concerning drug abuse and addiction nowadays, surely with all our knowledge, medical technology and psychological experience this should not be such a difficult topic to get under control? Well then, why are we getting such poor results when it comes to recovery?

I might not have a degree in the treatment of drug abuse or addiction, but I am more than prepared to say that I have more experience in this field than the majority of the experts who create and design the recovery programs. A lot of these programs are perfect, but they seem to me to be missing something when you look at the recovery statistics.

What is it about drug abuse and addiction which results in these poor recovery statistics? In my humble opinion as a recovering junkie, it is the personal or human factor. All of these methods of treatment and therapy which are used when trying to treat drug abuse and addiction are very clinical, but how many of the people who designed them were in fact addicts themselves?

Have they ever considered that there might be more than simple physical and mental addiction involved when it comes to addressing the issue of drug abuse and addiction? I know I have spent 10 long years coming to terms with the addiction which almost killed me and in the process discovered many aspects of my own addiction which did not fall into the mainstream categories.

There are so many different aspects to drug abuse and addiction which you will not find in a text book or in a thesis as many of the people who have written these books and designed recovery programs have in fact never been to the abyss and needed to find their way back.

Returning from the abyss of drug abuse and addiction is no easy task and there is no quick fix involved, it requires a passion to survive, a will to recover and sheer mental strength and determination in order to get out on the other side alive. Luckily, soon there will be a system which will be designed by a junkie for the junkie in order to stand the best possible chance of recovery.

So before we look at the statistics of drug abuse and addiction recovery and loose all hope for ourselves or our loved ones, let’s focus on what it truly takes to recover from this situation and try ways other than those which only have a 4% success rate.